Basic Stainless Steel Stockpots

Stockpot is a generic name for one of the most common types of cooking pot used worldwide. A stockpot is traditionally used to cook stock or broth, which can be the basis for cooking more complex recipes. A stockpot is a wide pot with a flat bottom, straight sides, a wide opening to the full diameter of the pot, two handles on the sides, and a lid with a handle on the top.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Sizes Include:
  • - Item# 36086: 6qt Stockpot
    - Item# 36006: 8qt Stockpot
    - Item# 36007: 12qt Stockpot
    - Item# 36009: 16qt Stockpot
    - Item# 36010: 20qt Stockpot

    Unit UPC: 

    Item# 36086: 0-70848-36085-7
    Item# 36006: 0-70848-36006-2
    Item# 36007: 0-70848-36007-9
    Item# 36009: 0-70848-36009-3
    Item# 36010: 0-70848-36010-9

    CATEGORY: Stainless Steel Cookware